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Some Tips in Producing Good Corporate Videos

Focus on the customer

The client is the focus of any good business. It must aim to solve the problems that customers have. In other words, companies should be service-oriented more than profit-oriented. Focus on what matters to the client. They really do not care too much about the company’s history or the way the company runs itself. One may see this in video testimonials London productions.

This is the problem with most corporate videos. They are written from the company’s perspective instead of the client’s. The company must ask itself: who is the video for? To whom will it be shown? Will the company be its target audience, or the customers? The majority of businesses, however, still continue to talk about themselves and puff themselves up in their corporate videos.

In making a corporate video, one must put himself in the shoes of his clients. What do they want? What do they not care for? What solutions should the company offer them? The aim of the corporate video is to put an image of a company who can uniquely and satisfyingly answer the customers’ problems. Make the customers relate to the video; make them see themselves in the video.

For example, if one is a real estate company, answer the questions regarding how to choose a good real estate company. Put the customer always in the center. Only then will come the video testimonials London from satisfied clients.

Show the story; don’t tell it

The rising star of marketing tactics today is the corporate video. Of all the media types available, it is by far the most persuasive and informative. This is because videos and video testimonials London offer a visceral kind of experience; it is engaging both aurally and visually. It not only explains the way a product is used, but it actually can show how it is used, enjoyed and benefited from. Videos are also the quickest means to catch the attention and inform an ever growing number of modern audiences whose attention has become significantly shortened.

In addition, videos are the best way of showcasing the benefits of a product that belong in the intangible category. For example, one cannot really show the fragrance of a particular perfume. However, through video presentation, an image can be created which suggests the range of a specific perfume’s benefits.

Another example is the luxury home or real estate. These multimillion-dollar products, at the outset, can be hard to sell. But with the use of promotional videos, selling these luxury homes can become easier. It is not just an address or the features of the home that one can sell and promote; it is also the lifestyle that comes with it. With videos, that lifestyle can easily be showcased, by using imagery and telling a compelling and captivating story. A video presentation is the best complement to existing marketing tools used for real estate products. It offers a lifestyle, not just a brick-and-mortar house and lot. And video testimonials London production companies can create the right video for such a purpose.

Video Production Company In London

Making the Right Corporate Video

Corporate videos need the assistance and help of a good video production company in London. It can even help reach the right target market through the utilisation of a video marketing service. It is crucial to create a video that authentically reflects the core company values and their commitment to their customers. It must show the proposition of the business, while at the same time engage its viewers and reach out to them both rationally and emotionally. The focus of such videos must be towards directly responding to the needs of the clients.

Of course, the real aim of a business is to sell. A professional video production company in London knows this. There must be concrete returns from making such a video. Thus, it must be done professionally, with no allowances for mistakes. It is more economical in the long run to employ the services of a real professional video production company in London that handles corporate and marketing video productions, instead of relying on one’s own inexperience in the hopes of getting short-term savings. The latter is not recommended.

What are the requirements of a corporate video? It must be oriented towards:

  • Engaging content
  • Audience impact
  • High viewership traffic
  • High clickthroughs
  • An effective call to action
  • And ultimately, Sales.

It is also good to have a measurable generator of sales coming from the video itself. This is how one can gauge how the video improves the business and delivers results. It is not enough to simply make a video in any way whatsoever. It must be produced with a specific goal in mind; made systematically, intelligently and with a focused purpose.

Testimonial videos are a good example. This kind of video has the potential to generate massive trust and confidence in the company and business products or services. It can have a high sales conversion rate of leads. A professional and established video production company in London will know what kind of testimonial videos will work and what will not. It thus behooves the company to choose the right video production outfit.

A good video production company in London will even have the knowledge on how to put clients who will take part in the testimonial video at ease. The production company knows how to help them put their thoughts together, coaching them on what are the right words to say, and what matters in the video and what doesn’t.

A methodical process of video production goes a long way in creating long term savings and dramatic results. Great videos can now be made at surprisingly low prices. These are highly professional, well planned and excellently executed projects.

A great video production company in London will organise the video for the client, setting up the proper standard equipment and putting together an excellent schedule and execution plan. It will coach the company on its business goals, its aims, its principles, and the different features and benefits of its products or services.

Speaking of business principles, it is now in vogue to be environment friendly, not to harm animals in the products a company makes, and a consciousness that has the general well being of the planet in mind. This is the kind of principles that should make its way into a good corporate video production.

Clients’ Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video from one’s clients provide a business a very good opportunity to quickly establish trust and confidence with new and prospective clients. Besides this, it also strengthens one’s relationships with the existing customers, and it also develops compelling and incredibly positive marketing advantages to boost sales. Most effective and powerful are testimonials which are unscripted and authentic. It therefore pays to obtain the services of a testimonial videos production company London based, if one is from the UK.

Establishing trust

A company’s sales staff can easily come up with marketing ads using flowery words that are specifically tailored to catch the attention of prospective clients. This, however, is too common. It would have much more impact if the testimonials come from actual clients who have been satisfied with the services or products rendered to them by the company.

By openly presenting enthusiastic endorsements from previous clients, testimonial videos help develop or create increased trust in prospective customers. It accelerates the sales and marketing process and makes more clients out of leads.

Strengthening one’s relationships with clients

A professional testimonial videos production company London or elsewhere with a good record has happy customers who are willing enough to recommend its services to others. With the use of client testimonial videos, this can be turned by companies into a great marketing opportunity. Besides creating more sales, it also boosts the existing business by reinforcing the company’s relationships with its already-existing clientele. Such testimonial videos recognize and appreciate its customers, and the customers can really see this. It also provides the clients the platform for expressing and crystallising their positive views about the services and the company. In other words, it is an overall positive experience for everyone who’s involved.

Bragging rights

There are mixed feelings regarding bragging in professional marketing. Some testimonial videos production company London outfits want to be subdued and modest, but feel that they want to really push their product forward by bragging about its qualities.

With client’s testimonial videos, no such restraint need to be applied; customers can assert and express all of those exciting adjectives that highly compliment the services or products that a company offers. They can verbalise all the high praises that marketers may be reluctant to say about their own products. In short, testimonial videos are instant bragging rights that have the legitimate license to cross the line of modesty.

Making the video

Good client testimonials need to have a good testimonial videos production company London based. The team has to take no more than an hour to bother the customer giving the testimonial. The equipment must be light, effective and at the same time produce high quality material. It must cause the least intrusion into the time and location of the target client. And importantly too, it must also generate a positive and fun experience for the client making the testimonial. This goes a long way towards establishing trust and loyalty in client-business relations. For excellent client testimonials, get a good testimonial videos production company London.

Testimonial Videos London

Currently, the most effective way of influencing consumers is to provide an objective and authentic personal recommendation from someone who has already sampled the product or service being marketed. When it is the business or company itself that is marketing their services or products, one may tend to put a little healthy skepticism into the pitch. However, when it is a fellow consumer who’s heaping praises on the business, one may tend to listen a little more closely. This is where testimonial videos London comes in.

High quality client testimonial videos are a must for companies aiming for larger profits and bigger business transactions. Outfits that produce good testimonial videos London create products that are engaging and convey the testimonials in relatable and compelling ways. Each and every step of the project must be of the most excellent caliber and be highly professional. It helps if the company already has a list of respectable institutions and big brands in its resume. It will have small and big businesses alike in its clientele list, and most impressive in this list, although not necessary, will be Fortune 500 companies. It will be no surprise to have business clients on every level, for most testimonial videos London outfits oftenstart small.

It is also a big plus if testimonial videos have dynamic cinematographies, great motion graphics, animations in 3D if possible, and some appropriate and quality visual effects. This is not to say, however, that it should be a major movie production; the point is here is just to have creativity and quality. Such videos can launch business initiatives, as well as boost sales to some or several high-value products.

It would also help to have the testimonial videos London outfit to have a workable background in creative advertising, financing, social media, branding, viral marketing, and corporate communications. Such a company will speak the right language and will know its stuff inside out. Testimonial videos London is all about making videos with a view to build an image, give form to a vision, and tell a story. It shows clearly client opinions that are honest and sincere, and how company services or products will also benefit prospective customers.

Good testimonial videos London highlight the concerns of prospective clients and give the solutions to such concerns through the medium and viewpoint of a fellow customer. They unravel the special qualities of a product or service and praise the company and its professionalism, good customer service and other qualities. It is focused on what really matters, and – short as it is – does not dwell on what is not important. It tells a lively story about how consumers will enrich their lives by availing the product or partaking of the excellent service.

The video production undergoes professional shooting and editing, as well as post-production enhancements. The testimonial videos London production is created in such a way that it is not boring, dragging, or produce any negative reactions or emotions in any way. It is basically a sales pitch that is placed in the mouth of satisfied consumers to reach out to other consumers.

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Reasons to Invest in Corporate Video Marketing

There was a time when companies don’t even want a website, because it is not considered mainstream or beneficial for business. Now, it is inconceivable not to have a company website. Websites are a major center of transactions as well as informational hubs that unravels the company to the world.

Today, even this is not enough anymore. In these times, videos are a standard prerequisite in businesses. Especially in social media, it takes a lot to catch the attention of consumers, and there are few things that can do this better than corporate videos. And professional creative video production London companies abound that can efficiently do the job.

Big brands are already ahead. They do corporate videos all the time that translate leads into sales. Do not get left behind. Without corporate and promotional videos, your company will be ages behind in the race.

Quality videos

It is imperative to create quality videos. Poorly-made videos can do the exact opposite of what you intend. It is actually a waste of money, time and effort. It is, in the long run, well worth investing in high quality corporate creative video production London.

Using social media

Social media is the ideal partner of video marketing. The company video will get the longest mileage, cover the most extensive coverage and reach the most number of people by utilising social media. By posting the video promotion in the various social media outlets, it will have maximum exposure to the public. Creative video production London has been found to be the priority of marketers last year.

People like watching online videos, especially if they are compelling and interesting. In addition, they share the things they like. If your video content is shareable, this goes a long way towards giving you advantage over your competitors.

Big and small brands alike find that video promotions for their target audiences see better success when these videos are circulated in social media outlets. This is due to the fact that people who use the internet spend two and a half times longer watching videos that have personal relevance to them. Companies that make good promotional videos through creative video production London outfits take advantage of this statistic to boost their sales.


Videos, in addition, also stimulate consumer engagement. Posts in Facebook, for example, that include a video generate roughly one hundred percent more engaging behavior in the average user! This is compared to simpler posts with no video. Videos are one of the pillars that generate engagement among potential customers.

Business is not just about increased viewership. This should also convert into actual sales. And creative video production London delivers. It has been found that there is a forty-six percent higher conversion when it comes to video promotional materials compared to simple text ads. The most powerful converter, however, is the combination of text and video.

It has also been found out that sixty-four percent of consumers, upon having watched a promotional product video, research that product afterwards. In addition, almost fifty percent actually look for the product in stores. The same statistic goes for those visiting vendor websites selling that product or asking a vendor for information about the product.

Corporate Video Production UK

Corporate video production UK is defined as the process of creating communications material in the audio-video format, whether in HD, streaming videos, DVD, or others that is primarily commissioned by an organisation, corporation or company. It is usually intended for specific purposes within the B2B or corporate setting, often towards a target audience.

Corporate videos may be client testimonials, project videos, or company or service promotional videos. It is usually the territory of the manager for corporate communications or company marketing. Corporate videos may also be safety and training videos, financial reports, and brand promotional videos.

Digital technology has made amazing advancements and has grown exponentially through the years. Now, corporate video production UK has converged with other various media communications formats. This typically includes television advertising and television itself.

Corporate videos nowadays can also be produced with the use of production techniques that are the same ones used in broadcast TV programming. Even the style used is similar. An example is the use of outdoor broadcast facilities. This is done in order to engage audiences that have been used to viewing various popular media. Some corporate videos are even made using the theme of popular TV shows and series.

A good corporate video production UK company will typically take the client’s brief and may develop the treatment, storyboard or script. Liaison with the client is regular, and production schedules and deadlines are made by the company.

Production process

The production of corporate videos often involve three major stages.

Pre-production. This includes the writing of the storyboard or script. This is also where the budget consideration weighs in heavily, so that even at the onset of the project, there is already a consensus of how large the playing field will be.

Production. This is the actual filming period, which includes logistics on location, crew, cast, schedules, and a thousand other considerations that is usually handled by the corporate video production UK company.

Post-production. Many activities occur in this stage. This is where the editing; enhancements; voice-overs; inclusion of graphics and music score; addition of animation in the footages; and so on. This is the finishing touch made on the raw footage.

Production scale

The scale of the production of the corporate video can vary widely. The time spent in production, editing and post-production is also highly variable. The use of equipment and crew also depends on the decisions made regarding scale. Budget of the client company is a large factor, as well as the capability of the corporate video production UK company. If the quality level is to be that of a production involving broadcast TV or television commercials, then it may be quite expensive compared to relatively simpler productions.

Online traffic

Online traffic on the corporate website can vastly benefit from the creation and publication of a corporate promotional video. If the video is added to the company website, traffic quality and volume increases dramatically, because large search engines and entities such as Bing, Google and YouTube highly value the inclusion of videos in their ranking algorithms. Having a video makes it 50 times more probable for the website to hit the first page in Google results. In addition, time spent on site, click through rates and conversion into sales also significantly improve.

Corporate Video Production Company London

For a company that is ambitious of its goals, it is good to hire an excellent corporate video production company London. High-quality videos are available in all sizes and shapes. Corporate videos can be of any genre or scale. It should be designed in such a way that it is engaging as well as informative. It should convey its corporate message in such a way as to be relatable and compelling. Every aspect of the video must be consistently high in quality.

To be sure of the quality of work in making a corporate video, the corporate video production company London must know what it is doing. It must have had experience with many clients, preferably including high-profile companies and most encouragingly – although this is not a strict prerequisite – have had dealings with Fortune 500 corporations. One must give allowance, however, because quality and affordability can often be competitive considerations, although this is not always the case.

Corporate videos must be as professional as the company it is representing. This can be assisted with the use of a good video cinematographer, as well as some enhancements which may or may not include 3D animation, motion graphics and probably a few special effects. These will ensure longer lasting appeal and better conversion of leads into sales. It is a necessary arsenal of any sensible company.

The video created by a good corporate video production company London must be a product of good finance, creativity, and must especially be serious and professional. It must be in a package that includes effective viral marketing in social media and corporate communications efforts, as well as inclusion in entertainment news and press releases. It must have effective branding. World-class expertise in production is a must.

Corporate videos are all about sharing the company’s vision to the world. It seeks to create the perfect image, and it tells a compelling story. These must all be positive, true, reliable, credible and realistic.

Having a corporate video in one’s marketing and sales arsenal brings in more customers and better leverage. It is also great to have cutaway footage inserted in the videos to make them more engaging and interesting. This is known as the B-Roll footage. It can comprise of any relevant material that enhances and complements the main narrative of the video. It is a great way to insert more marketing material into the corporate video.

Included in the corporate video could also be some client testimonials. If the company utilizes forums such as user groups and conferences to meet, attract and treat clients, then these venues are also the perfect opportunity for the corporate video production company London to shoot into film such testimonials. These venues also concentrates into one location the company’s best customers – those who are best suited to talk about how great the corporation really is.

Shooting the customer testimonials can be as easy as setting up the interviews in a small, unused part of the conference hall or area during events. Short testimonials can be made by the corporate video production company London at a rate of three to four clients an hour. These footages can also get the treatment of video enhancements and other quality-improving studio manipulations.

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The Value of Promotional Videos

Digital media is such an integral part of consumers nowadays that it is almost inconceivable to do business without utilising social media, the internet and promotional and corporate videos. Videos have even been said to be the current centrepiece of the modern consumer’s experience. More than half of all potential business clients who watch videos online have been found to be much more confident about purchasing a product after they have seen it in a promotional video, compared to those who have not. And those who have seen the videos have an eighty five percent higher likelihood of buying the product than those who haven’t.

Videos have now become so influential that statistics have shown that forty percent of shoppers visit actual or online shops when they have watched a product promotional video. In fact, thirty three percent of consumers intending to buy apparel go first to YouTube to help them in their choices, prior to actually making a purchase.

Studies show the fact that enjoyment of brand videos by consumers has a significant direct impact regarding converting leads into sales. There is a one hundred thirty nine percent increase in brand association, almost one hundred percent intent to buy, thirty five percent increase in favouring the products of a particular brand, and fourteen percent brand recall compared to viewers who failed to enjoy the promotional video.

A powerful combination

In producing corporate videos, there are two powerful factors that significantly increase the effectiveness of the company’s effort. The first factor is a video that is professionally produced. It is worth all the expense to avail of the services of a good business videos production company in London for the creation of corporate videos, because professionally produced videos garner more clicks and leads.

The second factor is if the video is user-generated. The first factor, professional production, increases brand preference by twenty-five percent. The second factor, on the other hand, increased it by sixteen percent.

Finally, if the video is professionally made and is user-generated at the same time, there results a whopping thirty five percent increase in brand preference.

SEO efforts

Companies that are serious in making their website popular and increasing their online presence significantly should be no stranger to SEO. It is an interesting fact that search engines such as Google highly favor blended content. In other words, it is not enough to just have informative articles in the company website. Videos are very much favoured by Google in ranking sites. If a business wants more clicks, better leads and higher sales, videos in their websites coupled with excellent written content and having the proper keywords are indispensable. Statistics show that clickthroughs are forty one percent higher with videos compared with plain text content.

It has also been found that video advertisements are just as effective as television ads. Furthermore, multiscreen viewers, such as the younger generation, are more effectively marketed to if the ads are present on more than one media or screen. It therefore pays to hire a business videos production company in London if your company is serious with its profit goals.

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Identify the audience

Marketing is an activity involving the positioning and communication of a service or product’s unique value to the target audience. Any single given service or product will naturally not appeal to everyone, nor should it. But to its target market, it needs to be very enticing and appealing, and the marketing strategy should be made in such a way that the sales pitch is specifically tailored and aimed at the concerns and needs (or wants) of the audience in mind.

It is quite a risky enterprise, to narrow the message enough so that it is specifically targeting a certain group of people while not addressing the rest. Still, it is much more risky not to exclude details in the hopes of cornering a larger market share than what is feasible. Getting the services of a video production agency London will ensure a good way of marketing what one is selling.

 An example of identifying the target audience in a corporate video is spending time with the video producer in refining the key messages and pitches involved, and then identifying who the company wants to sell it to. Separate videos can be made if there are two general categories of target audiences involved.

Compose an emotionally charged story

Most people today, though they would not admit it or are even unaware of it, make buying choices based more on emotion than reason. Man’s makeup is more emotional than logical. While our minds may want to think that we think using our reason, the subconscious knows otherwise. Virtually everything we buy is motivated by desire and emotion. Products that consumers purchase may be less in quality compared to others, but when they relate to those particular products in an emotional way, they choose them over better brands.

In addition, the majority of viewers do not finish corporate videos, especially when all videos do is dryly spew out facts, benefits and features. What viewers remember is the emotional connection, not the bare facts. This the company and the video production agency London must remember when creating a promotional corporate video.

Successful promotional videos tell stories that tug an emotional string in their intended audience. Sometimes even the hype gets in the way. A heart-to-heart talk, a good story, and an oh-so-subtle pitch; sometimes that is all it takes to sell well.

Company principles

When one is pitching to the target market, it is also well to remember to include what the company believes in. It is not enough to just pitch a product or service; the principles that the company stands for also counts. This is another example of emotionally charging the audience to get them to buy the product. A high transparency level now goes a long way to promoting the business. People now care whether the product harms animals or the environment; getting the audience’s attention is only the first step. Nowadays, the core values of a company matters. Its beliefs count. People boycott unscrupulous business practices more than ever. This is an important thing to remember when pitching a product using the services of a video production agency London.